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ETLG has been hiring the Digiquartz tm range of pressure and depth sensors over many years and has acquired an extensive knowledge of the operating capabilities and performance of these units. The quality and performance of the Digiquartz tm sensor is outstanding with a typical full scale accuracy of .01% of full scale and a resolution of 10-7
The basic sensor contains a quartz crystal sensing element and the measurement capability is such that the laboratory units are of transfer standard quality. ETLG provides traceability to both NIST (USA) and NPL (UK)
The Digiquartz tm sensor is used in measurement in applications where the highest accuracy and resolution is required and sensors have been supplied extensively for applications where such a high level of measurement is required.
Application areas include, but are not limited to:
·         Offshore Oil
·         Marine
·         Geotechnical
·         University research
·         Oceanographic research
·         Water level/depth measurement
·         Meteorology
·         Aerospace
ETLG can offer application solutions using Digiquartz tm sensors and our team of technical experts can guide you through your application requirements.
ETLG offers flexible hiring solutions for solving customer’s applications – Please contact us for more information.